A Personal and Business Mentor

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player,
a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player.” 
 —Bill Gates
Our personal and business mentoring solutions are designed to serve your needs to get to the heart of what your burning desires are, ultimately bringing about a life of balance and fulfillment.

ROI 1:1 Coaching Program

To best serve your needs, our program begins with a Personal Coaching Interview. Our objective for the interview is to get to the heart of what your burning desires are in multiple areas, which will ultimately bring about a life of balance and fulfillment. It also include a personality assessment to help you understand what motivates you.

This program will follow specific steps proven for generations and used by organizations worldwide to be instrumental toward achieving success. It’s the “homework” necessary to bring vision and dreams into real life experiences. It will take some work, and your commitment to the activity will make all the difference.

We want to know what’s important to you, and where are you today in the amount of time and activity you spend in each of these key areas. During the Personal Coaching session we will develop a long-term and short-term action plan with specific and measurable activities. Finally we will assist you in developing a schedule to track your success to maintain focus and attention to the activities that matter most.

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ROI Personal and Business Mentoring Programs

Our Personal and Business Mentoring Programs have been designed to offer knowledge across multiple industries and life experiences both professionally and personally.

“Looking back over the last 35-40 years of life and work experiences, I have learned from my mentors how to take my God given talents and channel my decisions to utilize these gifts. By doing so, I have found my purpose in life. There just isn’t anything more fulfilling than doing what you were designed to do. I didn’t understand this in my 20’s and many of my decisions delayed my ability to increase my skills in these areas, but once I engaged with mentors trusting in their guidance, I gained the confidence and the clarity needed to make the right choices.” – Denise Needham

Why Personal and Business Mentoring?
Mentoring is now seen as a process whereby personal and business mentors and mentees work together to discover and develop latent abilities. The mentoring process instills courage, giving you permission to follow your heart, and your passion in all that you do. Mentoring is an essential tool in all our relationships. Facilitated mentoring is a structure and series of processes designed to:

• Create effective mentoring relationships
• Guide the desired behavior change of those involved
• Evaluate the results for mentees, mentors and an organization with the purpose of developing skills and leadership abilities

Benefits of Personal and Business Mentoring
Mentoring ignites enthusiasm and passion for life. It provides a sense of acceptance, flexibility and balance. It helps to build a strong sense of heightened self-esteem, confidence, direction, discipline, responsibility and motivation as well as an understanding of your interdependence. ROI’s Mentoring methods offer active boosters or advocates for any number of people at the same time through facilitated meetings. As a source of information we provide insight, give feedback, tutor on specific skills and effective behavior. Offer coaching activities toward personal development, and serve as a confidant to assist in plotting a career path. As a mentee you assume the responsibility for your growth and development, willingness to succeed, being receptive to feedback and coaching with courage to explore challenging opportunities.

“Those who are willing to learn from others, become greater.”

Work Experience
This list covers the areas of expertise developed through multiple opportunities, trusting mentors and collaborative teams of people working towards common goals and objectives with uncommon passion and heartfelt work efforts. In addition to my experience our mentoring program offers the experience from others in our group environment, opening the door to unlimited learning possibilities.

Consumer Products Industry – Purex®, Carnation®, No Nonsense Fashions®, Stroh Brewery®, ConAgra®, Campbell Soup®, and Kellogg’s®, Trillium Health Products® and Mass Connections

During my consumer product company experiences I held sales and marketing positions as Unit Manager, Regional Sales Director and National Sales Manager. I managed teams of direct employees, brokers, and independent sales distributors. Promotions moved me from Omaha to Kansas City to Chicago and to Los Angeles calling on mass merchandisers, grocery store chains, drug store chains, health food store chains and department store headquarter accounts. The categories of products sold include electronics, fashion hosiery, frozen foods, condiments, dairy, beverages, pet food, and breakfast foods. The range of companies included privately held, public and start-ups ranging from $65 million to $56 billion.

Medical Diagnostic Industry – Nichols Institute, Quest Diagnostics®, St. Joseph’s Hospital®

Positions in each of these organizations inclulded working with senior executives in the areas of Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and CEO administration. Each required exhaustive analysis for projects, facilitating change management teams and launching company wide recognition and rewards programs. During my tenure with Quest Diagnostics I was able to complete my degree from Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA with a Bachelor of Science Management degree with a focus on organizational development.

Aerospace Industry – Kaiser Electroprecision®

Though a brief amount of time spent in this area compared to the others, I was able to become familiar with the government regulations required to operate in this industry working with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This position required creating volumes of proposals to clients and collaboration with senior executives throughout every facet of the organization with strict adherence to corporate deadlines and project management and legal requirements.

Education – FutureKids®, Lindamood Bell Institute, Leadership Management® International, FranklinCovey®

As Director of Business Development with Future Kids® I managed international Franchise Accounts in Europe, and Asia. FutureKids sold K-12 computer curriculum through schools as well as independently owned franchises. I worked with top executives and major educational institutions. In my position at Lindamood Bell Institute I taught children of all ages and levels of learning disabilities. With both Leadership Management Inc. and FranklinCovey I have become a certified trainer in their personal and professional development workshops including sales, leadership, and time management.

Network Marketing Industry – Arbonne International®, Body Wise®, Beachbody® LLC

In the roles of Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Sr. Director of Training and Field Development I had the opportunity to work with two organizations who in just 4 -5 years grew from $30M to over $500M increasing their independent distribution base from several thousand to several hundred thousand. This dynamic growth, though challenging to manage, offers an exceptional opportunity to engage in developing business tools and training that meet the growing demands of the sales force. At both Arbonne® and Beachbody® I was fortunate to work with an exceptional team of passionate professionals that earned the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Lifetime Education and Ethos Awards, which recognized the online training and business building programs.

Women’s Partnering Network – Launched in 1998 by ROI Results Oriented Innovation

This mentoring program was launched by ROI to help women achieve success in making better decisions for their careers and personal life paths. The initial group of six women began meeting monthly and worked though assessment programs to assist in their ability to chart their destinations in multiple roles based on their talents and passions. Leading this group allowed me to develop a mentoring system built on a foundation of principles to build trusting relationships. Through the facilitation of a safe communication environment the group was able to share their personal goals and dreams and develop an accountability plan with specific action steps and timelines to achieve their objectives. The following year two more mentoring groups were developed and many of these women have continued to stay connected and share their achievements as they have gone on to marry, have children, retire, earn graduate degrees, and promotions in their companies. Following in step with the ROI mission, they have continued to live balanced, rewarding and fulfilling lives.

“The Women’s Partnering Network is more than just a networking group for women. My time with the Network was an amazing time of engaging and sharing in relationships with really smart women. They helped me to learn, to grow and to be challenged in a manner that was encouraging, uplifting and very empowering. Mrs. Needham’s commitment to empowering women was always evident from her design of each group to the speakers she brought in to further enhance our knowledge as well as our leadership. An awesome experience – not to be missed!” - Mary Mortimer, Director of Human Resources, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

“I was part of the Women’s Partnering Network shortly after I went back to school to earn my bachelor’s degree. It was a valuable experience for me – both personally and professionally. I was surrounded by a group of like-minded women that not only encouraged me to be my best, but held me accountable. I learned a great deal about myself, my abilities, my vulnerabilities and the real value of doing the work – work which I continue to do in my life today, 15 years later. I’ve made significant professional gains, continued to grow personally and have maintained the WPN friendships that were made all those years ago.” - Deborah D. Gonyea, Finance Director Beckman Coulter – Life Sciences

"Perspective, insight, and greater confidence are the three gifts I gained from this experience. As an early career professional, these gifts were invaluable to me and I have carried them through my personal and professional development. Denise is an amazing facilitator, coach, and female leader. I highly recommend the program no matter where you are in life." - Erin (Rybacek) McAuley, Director of Organization Development and Change at VMware


Agreement to the principles of the program
Initial Personality Assessment of your Core Motivation and personal strengths including one hour training
One Hour Personal Interview Session and a second Follow Up Session at 6 months
Weekly Virtual Group mentoring sessions
A private group page for daily support from the group
Monthly skills development Newsletter

Each group mentoring session allows you to learn from the expertise of others in the group, provides relationship building and support for your personal and professional goals. Our virtual mentoring allows for individuals to see each other live during each of the mentoring sessions so regardless of where you live, you are interacting as if you were sitting together in a local meeting room. You will also receive private online forum group access 24/7 and monthly life and skill development newsletters.

Our goal for this simonth mentoring program is to see measurable accomplishments towards what is important to you, to find balance and fulfillment of your personal mission. We aspire to help with your current roles with a focus towards your future success.

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COLORCODE Personality Science

The Color Code Personality Assessment is the most accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use personality test available.

Unlike other personality tests, The Color Code not only identifies what you do but why you do it, allowing you to gain much deeper and more useful insights into what makes you and those around you tick.

If you’d like to improve a relationship with anyone in your life, gain an advantage at the office, or just get to know yourself a little better and discover your strengths than it’s time to give Color Code a try.

ROI will provide you with a completely customized report with a full analysis designed to analyze your personality, and provide bonus tools to help you on your way to personal development. The results will include a 14+ page report with customized content that describes your individual personality style in depth, including a list of your strengths and limitations, your secondary colors – how they affect your personality, and a list, complete with tips, of your traits. 

ROI also offer the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop

This workshop teaches how to increase interpersonal skills using the very powerful Color Code theory. The Color Code Personality Assessment is unique for several reasons. First, it goes deeper than mere personality - it identifies Motive - whey you do what you do. Secondly, the Color code is easy to use and implement. Rather than having to memorize a string of letters or numbers like some assessments, the Color Code uses colors to represent Driving Core Motives. The comment we hear most frequently is how easy the Color Code is to put into practice.

What You Will Take Away

After completing the workshop, you will:
  • Understand the four core personality types
  • Discover how to motivate others
  • Read people easily and accurately
  • Identify strategies for communicating more effectively
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Enhance your business performance
Workshop participants develop increased levels of self-awareness; learn how to effectively understand and work with team members; improve communication skills; and are better prepared to create successful professional relationships.

ROI offers the Color Code Personality Assessment as a stand-alone training and part of our Personal Coaching and Business Mentor Programs. 

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Take the Upgrade for $29 to receive the comprehensive 14 page report and qualify to attend a FREE 30 Minute training on the Color Code to help you improve productivity and enhance your relationships.

Color Code 4-Hour Interpersonal Skills Workshop

Section I:
  • A New Paradigm
  • Introduction to the Four Colors
  • Training Goals and Objectives
  • Motive vs. Behaviors
  • Model of Theories
  • Personality Filters
Section II:
  • The Code Behind the Color
  • Motive and the Color Code
  • Needs & Wants
  • Do's & Don'ts
  • Famous Personalities
  • Relationship Action Plan
Here what attendees have to say about business mentor training:
"I loved your workshop today! I found the information to be very useful and you are such a dynamic and insightful person. I am considering coaching or mentorship with you. Thank you for a very enlightening, fun and powerful experience this morning!! " 
-Lynn Napoli, MD

"WOW..Denise Needham, Principal/Founder of ROI, lead an incredible training workshop this past Saturday and I cannot recommend it highly enough to EVERYONE! It was truly inspirational, educational, profound and fun! This was, by far, THE BEST event I have been to in a VERY long time...I got so much out of this on both a personal & professional level and will continue to do so with the materials provided." -Angie Kneirum, PMT Consulting

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