What Makes Us Tick?

At the end of the day, our work is a direct mirror of the quality of our programs

About Us

ROI Results Oriented Innovation was launched in the fall of 1998 with personal development, leadership and mentoring solutions. After attending Pepperdine University and finding my passion in organizational development I reached out to several CEO's, Presidents and Professors to create a board of advisers to guide the development of the company and it's programs. We started with the Women's Partnering Network, a first of its kind group-mentoring program designed to help women through personal assessments and goal setting. Each member learned to chart their personal and career paths based on their talents, strengths and desires. As a certified facilitator for Leadership Management® International assessments, sales, time management and leadership trainings ROI has been successful in assisting major corporations and small businesses in Southern California.

Industry Experience

For the last decade I've worked in the direct selling industry developing tools and trainings to increase sales and distributor growth. As the Business Development Director for Arbonne International® LLC as well as Beachbody® LLC, I have worked as liaison between corporate and field leadership to drive record-breaking growth. Through the direction of an exceptionally talented team we earned the Direct Selling Association's Education for Life Award and Ethos Awards for Business Development.

Prior to starting ROI I was fortunate to have a multi-faced career managing multi-million dollar sales and marketing budgets for consumer product companies such as Kellogg’s, Carnation®, ConAgra Foods®, and Campbell’s® Soup Company; developing government bids and proposals for aerospace product designer Kaiser Electroprecision®; and managing the Human Resource Recognition Program of Quest Diagnostics®. I have also held VP Sales and Marketing positions at EIRO Research, Body Wise International and BriteAGE® Corporation. I attribute an important element of my success to the caring dedicated mentors who guided my career giving me the support and confidence to follow my passions.

More recently I have also become a Certified Trainer for The Color Code Personality Assessment and Training, one of the most accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use personality tests available. Unlike other personality tests, The Color Code not only identifies what you do but why you do it, allowing you to gain much deeper and more useful insights into what makes you and those around you tick. The assessment is also accompanied by a half day workshop offering Workbooks, Code Cards, Personality Assessment and Audio CD.

"When we launched the network model of Team Beachbody we needed it to have the same attention to transformation and results as our direct business. But most executives from network marketing are steeped in a "get rich quick mentality." That's why I was so relieved to discover a person like Denise. As CEO for Beachbody, I hired Denise to help develop business training and tools for our independent sales force which would transcend the normal model, and instead empower people to achieve something truly remarkable. From first defining the concept of "Fit Clubs" to embracing the power of social media with "Beachbody Challenge" groups, she taught leaders to charge ahead, which helped us drive sales from $37MM to over $500MM, building a sales force from 20K to over 200K in less than six years. She will be the first to admit that we had an incredible team of people supporting the effort, but I'll be the first to say Denise hit the ground running; She hit the road training in cities across the US and Canada. She developed a "train the trainer" program making it more scalable to reach new Coaches each month. And the industry took notice: In her role as Sr. Director she guided a very talented team to develop a Coach Basic’s training system that won the Direct Selling Associations Business Development Award in 2014. If you are looking to make change happen, develop a system that works which your team will embrace to achieve a goal, then Denise can make it happen." – CEO Carl Daikeler
Denise Needham, Principal / Founder


As a wife, mother of two and grandmother of 7, I have continued to be passionate about helping people find their purpose and achieve their dreams. Growing up in Illinois with my five sisters we learned the importance of sharing and giving to help families and communities. My father served in the Marines in World War II and my husband served in the Air Force, and after seeing the veterans who are returning home injured, I made the decision to contribute to the Wounded Warriors Project®.

We will continue to support this worthy cause with the hope of increasing our contribution as our business grows.
Wounded Warriors Project