I woke up today with this word in my thoughts. “Aspire”
Now I had a general idea of what the word meant yet I decided to dig a little deeper to learn more and here is what I found:

To long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value (usually followed by to, after, or an infinitive) -


To seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal, ascend, soar. Aspire to great deeds, and you have a better chance of doing good deeds, a tower aspiring towards the heavens.

The Free Dictionary.com
To have a fervent hope or aspiration – dream, reach for the stars, set one’s heart on. To strive toward a goal, to yearn for or have a powerful or ambitious plan, desire, or hope to do or be something.

Do you aspire to something in your life? Can you honestly say you wake up in the morning with thoughts about another 24 hours to live and take action on what your aspirations are? Just reading these definitions gets me fired up because I know in my heart I am compelled from within to reach high with abundant hope for my dreams. I took aim in 1989 at the dream to live in California and within two weeks of writing that goal, I was offered a promotion to Southern California…all expenses paid! I decided on the day of my divorce, that I would aspire to being married again to the man of my dreams. I literally crossed the street from the courthouse to a coffee shop and got out paper and pen and wrote it down, with the qualities I was eagerly desirous of…and we have been married over 23 years. Last year, I prayed and knew in my heart, that the knowledge gained throughout my life would help others by yearning for a powerful and ambitious plan to lead Women’s Mentor Groups again, conduct Interpersonal Skills Webinars, and be an author in a book. In less than 6 months time, I am living this dream.

"To desire is to obtain; to aspire is to achieve" - James Allen

Are you ready to take the “Aspire Challenge”?

If you are, and you want a system to guide you there, then message me because I’m preparing to work with individuals with fervent hope, ready to dig deeper and reach for the stars!