Are you ready to tag home plate? Or do you get up to bat, hope they throw you balls and instead strike out? Does getting to first base in your life rarely happen? Do you line up your goals but never swing the bat? Are you in the game of life or just sitting on the bench wasting time? Do you suit up for the Big Game; writing out your game plan for your business but just can’t get past a losing streak? I can help, if you’re ready for a change. Why? Because it’s my gift, it’s what God has purposed me to do.

In my 20’s, I hired Dan Stock, a young man with no college, working for Orkin® who wanted more in life than just spraying homes for bugs. I saw a spark in Dan, he didn’t have the skills yet, but he had the want to. I mentored him as a salesman coached him in setting priorities and building relationships with his clients. In six months he was promoted and again six months later. Two years later he had two offers, one from Motorola, a high paying management position in Chicago and another offer with a start up company where he would be tasked with developing sales training for their new sales force. Both were excellent options. He asked for my advice. I told him to go with his heart. He did. Dan retired in his 30’s a millionaire from Microsoft.

In my 30’s, I hired Tom Maddie. Fresh out of college and eager to launch his career, I coached Tom in sales, marketing and management. Tom promoted within the year to New York, went on to work for a Fortune 500 company and had a very successful sales career.

In my 40’s, I launched the Women’s Partnering Network, and group mentoring program working with a Board of Directors. These groups of ladies have each seen personal and professional success becoming wives, mothers, and directors for major companies and have continued long lasting relationships.

In my 50’s, I worked in the direct selling industry, developing training and business tools for hundreds of thousands of independent sales representatives. Mentoring and coaching leaders in their personal and professional development to effective lead their teams and live a life with balance.

If you are ready to take advantage of my mentoring experience, there’s four days left to join the Men’s Mastermind Mentor Group.

I’m ready if you are, so let’s get started.

May 19th, 2015 ROI is launching an Exclusive Men’s Mastermind Mentor Group.

What’s Included:
One-hour Initial Interview Questionnaire to learn about you and your “why”
Comprehensive Personality Assessment and training to learn what motivates you
Weekly Live Interactive Virtual Group Sessions each Tuesday (5 pm Pacific)
Personal and Professional Action Plan
Shared knowledge and experience from group members
Monthly skills development Newsletter
Private Group Page for daily support from the group

What’s Required:
Agree to the Men’s Mastermind Core Values
Attend on time each week and commit to offering your skills, support and experience
Assume responsibility for your growth and development, be willing to succeed, receptive to feedback and coaching with the courage to get out of your comfort zone
Track your success with ROI’s Personalized Action Plan

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