Exclusive Women’s Empowerment Mentor Group - Limited to 5 Members

Starting September, 2016, ROI is launching another Exclusive Women’s Empowerment Mentor Group of smart like-minded women who want to see significant personal and professional growth; improvement in their communication skills and relationships; learn what motivates you and why you do what you do; be encouraged; challenged; empowered and held accountable to your highest aspirations.

Would you like to be a part of a group that ignites enthusiasm and passion for life; provides a sense of acceptance, flexibility and balance; helps build a strong sense of heightened self-esteem, confidence, direction, discipline, responsibility, accountability support and motivation?

If you answered “yes” and you are ready to take charge of your personal growth and development, then here are the details of what is included and required:

What’s Included:
One-hour Initial Interview Questionnaire to learn about you and your “why” to join
Comprehensive Personality Assessment and training to learn what motivates you
Weekly Live Interactive Virtual Group Session each week
Personal and Professional Action Plan
Shared knowledge and experience from group members
Private Group Page for daily support from the group

What’s Required:
Agree to the Women’s Empowerment Core Values
Attend on time each week and commit to offering your skills, support and experience
Assume responsibility for your growth and development, be willing to succeed, receptive to feedback and coaching with courage to explore challenging opportunities
Track your success with ROI’s Personalized Action Plan

Contact us today via text at 9492123386