This year I wanted to start my blog articles with “D” words. They are my favorite. Words like determined, diligent, disciplined, driven, deliberate, decisive and the list goes on and on. Instead I feel lead to start with a “P” word: purpose.

The definition of purpose in the Webster’s Dictionary states:

The reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of something
The feeling of being determined to do or achieve something
The aim or goal of a person: what a person is trying to do, become, etc.

It’s also an important word in the mission statement for ROI:

Helping you live with purpose acting on what is most important to fulfill your personal mission.

One of my favorite authors, John G. Miller writes in his book, Outstanding! 47 Way to Make Your Organization Exceptional, “What too many managers don’t understand is that people will do practically anything (as long as it’s legal and ethical) if they understand why they are doing it – and they’ll do it joyfully, with their full heart. The truth is this: purpose powers passion.”

In 2004 I read the book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and for the first time I realized who I am, my talents, my strengths all that I could contribute was intentional. That God created me for His purpose. Now that added a whole new dimension to why I was driven from within, because in my heart I knew when I followed that purpose, I found genuine and deeply profound fulfillment.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder:

Do you wake up each day, contemplating what you are going to do, and why you’re going to do it?

As you go about your daily activities, do you have the intent to give it your very best effort?

Are you internally motivated and feel passionate about what you do, where you going, and people you interact with?

If you answer is no to these questions, I want to encourage you that indeed you can turn these into yes’s. It will take some contemplation and soul searching…because knowing your purpose will bring about the reason, intention, and determination to achieve your goals. If you would like help finding your purpose contact me today so you can experience passion and joy each day in every area of your life.