A few years ago, while on a vacation in Arizona, I picked up a book by Keith D. Harrell titled, Attitude Is Everything For Success, Say It, Believe It, Receive It. Keith writes, “You see, your attitude affects all of your interactions as well as the outcome of everything you do – so a positive attitude will help you navigate successfully through life, while a negative one will cement you into destructive patterns that doom you to failure.”

I really love this book. All of the principles in this book really resonate with my beliefs. Yet, I want to confess that even though I have the knowledge that maintaining a positive attitude can make or break my success, there are circumstances and situations where I have come away with not just a bad taste in my mouth, but a bad attitude. And here is the kicker:


To help you reprogram your attitude, Harrell instructs readers to read and reread the pages of insights out loud.

Say It – …the statements you use define you because they express your underlying beliefs. It’s vitally important you understand the power of the words you use… words define your reality, and you ultimately act on what you believe. He instructs readers to repeat affirmations for 30 days and you will see a change in your thinking and your attitude.

Believe It – Reach into your memories and pull out a positive experience… think about the words others used and how they made you feel, remember your emotions, the overwhelming sense of joy… this exercise helps you remember that great things have happened to you… and if you believe they can happen again, they will.

Receive It – …internalize and visualize the “attitude” words you’ve been saying. When you act “as if” you’ve already achieved and received what you want, you expedite the attitude-acquisition process, because you’re doing it, not merely thinking it.

According to a Stanford Research Institute study, the path to success is comprised of 88% attitude and only 12% education.

Learning and Unlearning Attitudes

Author Jeanne San Pascual writes in her article Why Attitude Is The Most Important Thing In Success, much like walking, writing, playing sports and acquiring any other skill, attitude can also be learned… attitude develops from one’s own personal experiences and interactions throughout life… it is important to recognize a negative attitude right away as it hinders growth and success.

Suzanne Glover’s Effective Positive Thinking website defines:

Attitudes are habits; perceptions; judgments and are more important than skill. She goes on to say, “Attitude is more important than reality… and according to the Law of Attraction, if you can hold onto a great attitude while you go through your present ‘reality,’ you’ll be forming your next reality that’s coming down the pipeline.”

Glover recommends using affirmations that need to be heard. Bob Urichuck, of the NASP states the “A” is for Attitude – the foundation sustaining all successful people. Attitude is the “advance man” of our true selves.

Your attitude is 100% within your control! There are plenty of things in life that we have no control over. For example, there is absolutely nothing we could do about how people react to us… all we can do is control the manner in which we react.

Now that we know there are no excuses for holding onto a negative attitude, let’s explore some of the benefits from Suzanne Glover:
  • A positive attitude significantly impacts how well your body functions. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, negative brain activity is linked with a weakened immune system
  • The American Heart Association links anger and depression to heart disease and tells us to “lighten up” or our hearts are going to malfunction.
  • A positive attitude keeps your heart healthy.
  • When you habitually have a positive attitude, you become addicted to that positive attitude.
  • Fewer physical or emotional health problems
  • More energy
  • Increased goal achievement
  • Greater inner strength and power
  • More resiliency when facing difficulties
  • Greater self respect
Finally, Keith Harrell sums it up by saying, “when you realize the impact that certain words have over your life, you can choose powerful language rather than depleting, defeating terminology. And when you speak those empowering words, you’ll gradually start to create the quality of life you desire.”

“A positive attitude changes everything."