The Benefits of Mentorship

Wikipedia describes mentorship “a personal development relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger, but have a certain area of expertise.” Merriam-Webster defines mentor as “a friend of Odysseus entrusted with the education of Odysseus’ son Telemachus; a trusted counselor or guide; tutor, coach."

Mentoring is now seen as a process whereby personal and business mentors and mentees work together to discover and develop latent abilities. The mentoring process instills courage, giving people permission to follow their heart, with passion in all that they do. It is an essential tool in relationships. Facilitated mentoring is a structure designed to create effective mentoring relationships; guide the desired behavior change for those involved; and evaluate the results with the purpose of developing skills and leadership abilities.

“It ignites enthusiasm and passion for life.”

By providing a sense of acceptance, flexibility and balance, mentoring helps build a strong sense of heightened self-esteem, confidence, direction, discipline, responsibility and motivation towards interdependence. 

“Those who are willing to learn from others, become greater.”

Mentors provide a source of information with insight offering feedback and tutoring in specific skills toward effective behavior. Mentees assume the responsibility for their own growth with a willingness to succeed, being receptive to coaching with the courage to explore challenging opportunities.

“Perspective, insight, and greater confidence are the tree gifts I gained from the mentoring experience. As an early career professional, these gifts were invaluable to me and I have carried them through my personal and professional development.” – Erin Rybacek McAuley, Director of Organization Development and Change, VMware

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Women's Empowerment Mentor Group

Results Oriented Innovation's mission is to help you succeed at fulfilling yours. While offering life coaching and leadership mentoring, ROI also offers a women's empowerment mentor group that helps women seize control of their lives and achieve their goals and more.