Motive is the innermost reason for your behavior and forms your innate personality. According to Dr. Taylor Hartman author of The People Code and Playing Life to Win, “It is important to know that your driving core motive… is innate, you were born with it. There are countless factors that influence your personality: life experiences, family upbringing, education, cultural values, etc. But none of those factors is stronger than – or can change – your driving core motive. It is the most basic and fundamental part of your personality.”

Dr. Hartman goes on to explain that “with business it's about making a contribution and creating a profit. Winning in business is fun, but requires a unique balancing act of strategy, execution and people…and what many people don’t appreciate is the creative juggling act that successful business leaders perform on a daily basis. To piece together a puzzle that provides bottom-line results with top-line growth necessitates paying attention to people.”

Bottom line, “people make or break a business… whether internal employees or external customers, no business is ever better than the quality of people it keeps. Learning what motivates you, your employees and your customers lies at the core of your success.”

Why is this so important to be an effective leader? Because once you know what people will do and why they will do it, you are prepared to address the most critical components for a successful business venture and “people are every company’s greatest asset or liability.”

In People Code Dr. Hartman address these three challenges as:
  • Leaders often fail to see themselves accurately. They don’t get themselves. They play to their strengths while ignoring their limitations. When their limitations impact how they handle people, there can be serious consequences. No team is better than its leader.
  • The people side of business can prove rather dicey. Sometimes leaders simply don’t get people. They don’t understand them, so they focus on other areas where they have expertise – strategy or execution. Leaders may have little interest in the human element or find it too unpredictable for their comfort level. The Color Code diagnostic tool developed by Dr. Hartman is a powerful gift for every leader to use in reliably assessing their employees and customers. It become your compass pointing you in the right direction.
  • Training requires time and money. A leader’s most challenging juggling act comes with keeping an eye on the future with immediate demands of the day. What leaders are unwilling to prevent today will need expensive treatment in the future.
  • It costs 150 to 200 percent of an employee’s annual salary to replace him or her.
  • Sixty percent of employee’s unsatisfactory performances can be attributed to workplace conflicts.
  • Managers spend at least 24 percent of their time resolving conflicts at work.

“Color-Coding provides you with a consistently reliable tool for assessing your employees’ real potential for congruence in all three areas: Personal legitimacy, specific job match, and team interaction.”

As a certified trainer for the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop and Personality Assessment, I have seen leaders learn what motivates those they work with, and begin to understand why they do what they do. This elevates their ability pull together a healthier team that appreciates and respects the different strengths each individual brings to the team. Also knowing that how we process information differs from person to person has helped these leaders communicate more effectively, ultimately increasing productivity and elevating the end results – that all important competitive edge.