Is there really such a thing as actually living a balanced life today? Is it even possible with the hectic lifestyles most of have? Do you find yourself waking up tired to an alarm, frantically getting ready for work, kids off to school, no time for breakfast, putting in your hours at work to struggle home through traffic exhausted with no other desire than to just sit and veg in front of the television? Or for some it never quits, it’s dinner, baths, laundry, and just when you think you’ll have time for your spouse, you both collapse after 10 pm with hardly any time for a conversation.

I believe this is an integrity issue. Integrity? Yes. Why? Because integrity is following the moral or ethical principles and doing what you say your going to do. It’s about keeping your word. Do you keep you word to yourself and others?

Let’s start with ourselves first. Have you made a promise to yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle so you can be more active, enjoy time with your friends and family and simply feel good about yourself? Are you regularly nourishing your mind body and soul? Do you feed yourself daily with personal development and skill building, as well as healthy food for your body and spirit? Do you have a healthy loving relationship with your creator?

You can only be there for your loved ones, and be able to perform in your career based on how well you take care of you. Keeping your promise to yourself builds integrity for self. Once you can keep your word to you, you are equipped to keep your word to others.

Did you make a commitment of marriage to your husband or wife? Do you remember the vows you took and how you promised to love each other through thick and thin? When the alarm rings do you reach out and tell your loved one how grateful you are to have another day to be together? Is the courtship still alive and thriving between the two of you? If not, it’s time to rekindle your commitment and keep your word. Find time each day to connect on an intimate level to reinforce the love you promised to give to one another.

Did you decide to become a parent? Perhaps now you have two or more children. When you first held your new born, do you remember the commitment you felt to give your all to this new creation that was gifted to you? Are you honoring the integrity of parenthood by spending quality time everyday with each of your children? Allowing the distractions of job, and technology often robs time from parents to give their love and undivided attention to their children. This cost is high; therefore the commitment needs to be non-negotiable. We only have a window of time when our children are with us, before they move on in their lives…are we equipping them with all we can by keeping our word and demonstrating the integrity of our values to each of our precious gifts…our children?

What about our integrity to our employer, or your business? Do you go in to work and give it your very best effort? If you are employed, you made a commitment to perform in your job, through your talents and experience. Are you keeping your word and working each day with integrity? Regardless of what others do or don’t do at work, do you take the high road and be the example of walking tall and keeping your focus on delivering above and beyond expectations? Leaders with integrity do. They understand the bond of trust is essential to team members who together keep focused on high standards of integrity to deliver, bringing about a tremendous sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

To experience living a balanced life, it requires making a commitment in the important areas of your life – a promise. Develop a clear objective in each of the areas of your life, not forgetting about the importance of taking good care of yourself so you are able to give your best in all areas of your life. Since 1998, I have been blessed to coach and mentor hundreds of individuals who have been seeking to experience a healthy balance in their lives. This I can assure you, once you are ready to live with integrity to keep your promises, you will have the ability to experience living a balanced life because you are ready to stay diligent and disciplined to living by a schedule designed for each day that pinpoints the time allocated to what is most important in your life.

Living your balanced life is directly linked to your integrity.

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.” – Zig Ziglar