Yesterday at our Sunday service, Pastor Rick Warren shared a new series titled “The Seven Greatest Words of Love”. There were several moments that touched my heart as I listened to this teaching, which aligned with several other areas of personal development coming into my life right now. How often we blame others for things happening in our lives or carry guilt over things we have done and the importance of forgiveness, for ourselves as well as for others.

Just this past weekend, conducting The Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop I watched as participants transformed their thinking with the knowledge of learning how unique their personality is, and why they do what they do. In just four hours, the realization of how complex our personalities are. How we were made with our very own individual strengths and limitations. That we often see and think about others through our personality filters. And instead of being frustrated, impatient, or even angry, about how others think and communicate participants began to shift their thinking to respecting and appreciating others needs and wants to bring about healthy, caring and trusting relationships.

In the previous week, I met Scott Hunter author of "Unshackled Leadership – Building Businesses Based on Faith, Trust, Possibility and Abundance". During our meeting Scott generously shared three key things with me; his book, a recommendation for writing a book, and a document titled, “Instructions for creating your Highest Vision”. His writing exercise brings specific clarity to hopes and dreams empowering people with the right to choose how to live their lives without limitations. His teaching on listening skills so accurately describes how the conversations going on in our heads inhibits our ability to genuinely hear what others are saying causing a profound negative impact on our relationships because we are the only ones we have on our mind. Can you imagine the last time you had a conversation and you felt that person was “all in” to listening to what you had to say?

So what is the point of all this? Through love we were given the will to choose. "That at every moment we have the power to make choices that determines everything."

Now granted, we did not get to choose our parents, or where we were born, or the body we have. Pastor Rick has an excellent teaching on Winning With The Hand You’re Dealt With. However, each day, all day we make choices. We can choose to judge others based on how we think, or we can embrace the rainbow of colors in others to connect and experience deeply profound and loving relationships built on respect and trust. We can stay restricted, confined and hopeless by our current circumstances or we can choose to seek and define our choices in thoughts, words and deeds taking full responsibility for our future.

Have you asked yourself lately, “what choices can I make today, this week and in the future that will help me live healthy fulfilling relationships? When is the last time you actually took the time to think about the direction your life is taking? Are you happy with where you are right now? If you knew, you could have unlimited deeply rewarding and loving relationships, would you dare to to take steps to make that happen?"

I’d like to invite you to check into Rick Warren’s, Dr. Hartman’s and Scott Hunter’s teachings by simply following the links below. If you are interested in Scott’s “Instructions for creating your Highest Vision” email me at [email protected] I'm confident they will expand and shift your paradigms through these valuable teachings.

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