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Every day we make choices. Some are good, others not so good, but all direct the course of our lives in one way or another. Whether you want to grow personally, professionally or both, Results Oriented Innovation can help you get to where you want to go. Our life coach and business coach services will help you live with purpose and act on what’s important so that you can lead a fulfilling, personal mission.

Our coaching methods are based on the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Assessment. It provides an in-depth exploration of you, revealing what you do and why you do it. This allows for a deeper insight and understanding of yourself, so that you can mold your future to achieve the success you want -- the success you never would have had.
  • Improve a relationship with someone in your life
  • Gain a professional advantage in your career
  • Know yourself better
  • Discover your strengths
Results Oriented Innovation founder Denise Needham is a life coach and a business coach. She has worked in multiple industries including consumer products, healthcare, education, and direct sales. Throughout her career, in each job situation, she had her own professional and personal coaches and mentors who helped mold her. Now, she brings the knowledge and skills she learned to others to help them in their personal and professional development.

As a business coach, Denise focuses on team building, communication strategies, sales effectiveness, interpersonal relationships, leadership management and customer service. While several of these areas are also focused on when she's wearing her hat as a life coach, those clients will also see a focus on their relationships with their significant others and families.

Find contentment with where you are and what you are doing. Have purpose, motivation, and direction in your life both personally and professionally. Learn how to set and achieve goals based on what is important to you and consistently move forward with the right action plan so that you can live in a way that offers value to your family, friends, and community.

Every day we make choices. Results Oriented Innovation can help you learn how to make the choices that will bring you to a place where you can live a life filled with passion, success, and true fulfillment.

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